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Jean Menkins 1967 Chevrolet Camaro
by : Kenn Peters

      The annual Syracuse Nationals three-day extravaganza at the New York State Fairgrounds, isn’t just for admiring cars. Sometimes it’s for buying and selling cars.
      Just ask Jean Menkins, of Lysander, N.Y. During the 2002 show Menkins bought a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, at the show’s car corral.
      Like so many people who wander around the vast Fairgrounds, Menkins wasn’t looking for a car.
      “We were just walking around and came upon the car.  I told my husband ‘I love this car,’ so we bought it,” Menkins said.
      Menkins and her husband, Carl Menkins, are no strangers to the car hobby. They’ve been at it for many years, and in fact, right now they also own three more; 1968 Chevy Nova, 1966 Chevy Step Side pickup truck and a 1965 Chevy suburban.
      Jean Menkins said the Camaro was in good shape. The man who sold it was from Rochester, and he said the car was from Texas.
      It was in its original color of Hugger Orange and it still carries a shade of the original color today. It was repainted three years ago.
      Unlike some people who prefer to keep their collector cars garaged and in perfect condition, Jean said she prefers to keep her car on the road.
      “I drive it a lot during the good weather,” she said. “If I have an errand to do or go to a store, I’ll drive the Camaro.”
When the Menkins bought the car it had 350 c.i., V-8, which Jean said was “tired.” That engine was removed and a 383 stroker motor was installed.
      The wheels and tires were changed, too, but the interior has remained. The orange paint is newer but there was no question the car had to remain orange, Jean said, because the color is what attracted her attention in the first place.

1967 Chevrolet Camaro
Model: SS/RS
Owner: Jean Menkins, Lysander, N.Y.
Motor: 383 stroker
Transmission: 4-speed
Brakes: Disc
Why is it special: 1967 was first year for Camaro
Original price: $2,572
Appearance: Hidden headlights identified RS (Rally Sport) models. Z-28 bowed
the same year, created for Sports Car Club of America¹s Trans-American race

Photo by Kenn Peters

Photo by Kenn Peters


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